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Welcome to Fit4Life

At Fit4Life, we have been providing solutions to musculoskeletal pain and emphasizing safe exercise since 2000.

Is nagging aches & pain affecting the quality of your life? Is it getting in the way of your travel plans or your fitness goals?  Imagine moving beyond your aches & pains ~ feeling discomfort dissolve while gaining flexibility, freedom of movement, vitality, confidence and not to mention that "spring" back into your step!

Many kinds of musculoskeletal pain are manageable. With discipline and commitment to a program most neck, shoulder, arm, elbow, back, knee, ankle and foot pain is fixable.

Very often, people tend to get more sedentary after an injury or  they feel that more activity will make the pain worse. However, inactivity is also a source of more pain and thus a vicious cycle emerges.

Save What Works, Restore What Hurts is A Whole Person Approach, an Integrated System to Well-Being. Wellness in mind and body is about making the right lifestyle choices, eating & moving the right way for you to reduce inflammation and therefore increase mobility and strength. No one way is right for everyone. Treating yourself as unique is important when it comes to movement & nutrition.

Movement is Life - With CHEK Principles at its core, the sequence of Flexibility-Stability-Strength-Power is Fit4Life’s  foundation towards recovery,  maintaining or enhancing fitness. This ensures an optimal range of motion for joints for life, encompassing  Our motto of Train Smart - Train For A Life Time. 

Private Sessions to allow  you to suit your lifestyle, time constraints and areas of concern, while joining our varied Group Fitness Classes gives you the motivation sometimes needed to keep on going with a group of like minded individuals. However Group Fitness  is not meant for individual consultation on injury or problem. Private Session is advised for such cases.

Fit4Life is exclusively  Private Sessions and Group Fitness.  Prior registration is required.



See what our customer have to say. We are grateful to those customer staying with us.

AMAZING EXPERIENCE with my fitness guru Tatiana especially over the last years during the covid period. Significant changes for my whole body, the best it has ever been. Tatiana has equipped me with the knowledge and confidence to do workouts whenever and where ever. She has truly inspired me holistically through her coaching in fitness!
Magdelene Bong
Client since 2015
F4L has changed my life physically and mentally. I'm a member since 2002. Great & awesome instructor/mentor. Creme de la creme of instructors.
Teresa P. C. Lim
Client since 2002
Simply, the greatest of all gifts, is that Tatiana has made me look forward to coming to Fit 4 Life – because when I leave, I feel rejuvenated! Exercise has become a pleasure rather than a chore because I feel I am benefiting in each and every way, physically and mentally from Tatiana’s presence and warm smile that radiates with only positive “chi”! How fast time flies. Yes, i confess that i never thought that I would be 21 years journeying with you at Fit4Life and still going strong. It's just that simple inspiration in you that create a bridge in my life wanting to reach you for a "better me" each and every time. Thank you from the bottom of my little heart.
Francis Tan
Client since 2002