Meet Tatiana

Save What Works, Restore What Hurts

Tatiana Cornelius, co-owns FIT 4 LIFE and DBC Kuching Active Rehabilitation Centre.

She has been in practise for over 20 years as a CHEK Practitioner and is Malaysia’s& South East Asia’s one and only C.H.E.K (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiologist) Integrated Movement Science Level 5 Practitioner, C.H.E.K Golf Biomechanic, and C.H.E.K Holistic LifeStyle Coach Level 3.

She is also the one and only in Malaysia certified with Yamuna Foot Fitness, Body Rolling and Face Practitioner. Earlier accolades include being a FISAF (Federation Internationale des Sports Aerobics et Fitness) certified Personal Trainer, Aqua Instructor and Group Fitness Instructor, as well as a certified PIA (Pilates Institute of Australasia) Pilates Matwork Instructor.

She has been instructing since 1994 and continues her education with mandatory recertification with the CHEK Institute as well as with YAMUNA. Apart from private sessions, she continues to share CHEK principles via group sessions.

Fitness, to her, is sustainability in daily choices in order to live the best life possible – to stay healthy in both body & mind, to choose correct exercises to stay strong yet pain free. Knowledge is only powerful when applied – hence do what you got to do ( be it rehab or a change in food choices ), to be able to do what you want to do ( be it travel, play golf or just feel great on a daily basis so that you can do more!) 

CHEK Practitioner Training - Auckland 2001

Areas of Specialty are:

  • Performance enhancement for sports, daily living or work  – Restore What Hurts, Save What Works!
  • Assessment & correction of muscle imbalance to eliminate pain and restore function from foot to neck
  • Postural analysis and correction
  • Recreation of functional movement patterns
  • Strength / fitness conditioning at any age
  • Orthopaedic rehabilitation

The Journey of a C.H.E.K Practitioner having completed Integrated Movement Science Level 5 (IMS5) is a long and studious one.  C.H.E.K Practitioners at this level must complete all previous  four levels as well as all three levels of the Holistic Lifestyle Coach  (HLC3)  to expand the understanding of how musculoskeletal  health  is affected by food and lifestyle choices and plays  an important therapeutic medium for maintaining and restoring health and wellness  –  as every meal, every bout of exercise and every late night has a hormonal consequence.

Pre-requisites must be completed before attending each level in person.  These intensive certification courses are taught in small group settings after which there are several rigorous written and practical examinations. At a Level 5, practitioners are proficient in:

  • Assessing “why people don’t heal” after rehabilitation intervention by seeking to identify the etiology of each patient’s challenges or injury based on sound orthopedic, neurological, hormonal, digestive, eliminative and limbic/emotional factors
  • Assessment & identification of common low – mid – upper back & neck pain and core dysfunctions such as disc herniations, spondylothesis, spondylosis, stenosis & sacro-iliac dysfunction
  • Recognizing all “red flags” or in other words, underlying complications to an exercise program
  • Postural & length tension assessments
  • Offering exercise modifications for orthopedic pathology
  • The science of manipulating acute exercise variables
  • Practical application of the triad of health (Physical – Mental – Chemical)
  • Postural analysis
  • Gait analysis
  • Primal movement pattern assessments
  • Range of motion assessment
  • Stretching and mobilising techniques for improving muscle imbalances & management of musculoskeletal pain 
Paul Chek & Tatiana – San Diego 2002
Holistic Lifestyle Training – Copenhagen 2006

What is a C.H.E.K Golf BioMechanic?

Did you know that 53% of male and 45% of female golfers suffer from low back pain, and 30% of all touring professionals are playing injured at any given time? The sport is also rampant with wrist and shoulder problems, which is not surprising, considering the lack of core conditioning in most golfers, leading to overuse of the arms. That’s where the corrective exercise specialist and certified Golf BioMechanic, can help! Golfers require a personalized program that reduces the incidence of injury  via understanding the CHEK’s Whole In One Approach which includes

  • How poor posture and tight muscles affect the swing and what to do about it
  • Why warming up before play can dramatically enhance play
  • The correct way to train for improved flexibility, strength and power
  • Why breaking the Flexibility – Stability – Strength – Power formula can break your body leading to playing in pain or worse, giving up the activity you love

Certifications attained:

  • C.H.E.K  Integrated Movement Science Level 5 Practitioner
  • C.H.E.K Golf Biomechanic
  • YAMUNA Foot Fitness
  • YAMUNA Body Rolling
  • YAMUNA  Save Your Face
  • FISAF Certified Personal Trainer
  • FISAF Certified Aqua Instructor
  • FISAF Certified Group Fitness Instructor
  • PIA Certified Pilates Matwork Instructor

Chronology of Training

CHEK Practitioner Training - San Diego, 2008