Save What Works, Restore What Hurts

If you ever thought that there will not be a Jillian Michaels in Asia, then think again. Tatiana is of the same mould with her no-nonsense yet caring and cheerful nature. She gives you the details, whether you like it or not. However, do not be surprise that her methods will exceed all your expectations, for they will! Sure, it's going to be tough in the beginning but since when has success ever been easy without great effort? That is Tatiana as a Coach. From the 1st day I met her in Sep 2009, she showed me ways to help with my back injury. I have a L5/S1 disc herniation which had been reinjured previously back in 2000. The orthopedic surgeon had recommended me to go for an operation which I did not want to go for. I had heard from a cousin that Tatiana's methods were great and effective. These methods were so effective that 4 months later, I was strong enough to handle a 1 hour plane trip and tie my shoelaces (those of you who have had bad injuries know how hard it is to tie shoelaces!). She taught me moves that showed me that healing my back was in my own hands and that I was in control of my health and well-being. How fast I wanted to be healed was entirely up to me and it was easy to keep to the program that she had designed for me. She dealt with my injury from all angles - from how I sat at work, walked, stood, bend, sleeping positions, to how to cough and sneeze, and what supplements to take!! Tatiana calls it 'surrounding the dragon'. She has also been a great mentor when it comes to dealing with stress and changing perceptions towards life. That, more than anything else, has greatly impacted my life in terms of fulfillment and enjoyment of life's simple pleasures. I feel a lot better in terms of the physical, mental and emotional aspects. It was a tough journey confronting my old habits and fears but it was worthwhile in the end. I have a more optimistic outlook towards life now that it boggles a lot of people how I could now look at the things I do today compared to how it was before Sep 2009. If you want to go on a life-changing journey or find someone who can handle complicated back injuries, Tatiana is the person to look for. Oh, and the back operation? I never went for it because the pain and tingles are gone. Now that's great results 🙂
Rowena Tan
Client since 2009, Kuching, Malaysia
For 10 years, in gyms in Europe and the Middle East, I was training for 3 hours, 5 days a week and keep a low quantity, low fat diet in order to maintain my weight. My posture and flexibility were getting worse everyday and on top of that, I couldn’t understand the lack of tone specially in the “womens tricky zones” (glutes, inner thighs and lower abs area). In November 2003, I was very fortunate to meet Tatiana Cornelius Ling in her gym in Kuching, Sarawak. After an intense evaluation Tatiana built an exercise program personalized for me which was reviewed every 6 to 8 weeks. I rigorously followed this program motivated by her great encouragement. Today, 2 ½ years after, I feel like a different person. My posture has improved incredibly, I gained flexibility, learned how to identify and develop my core muscles, and “my tricky zones” are toned! Tatiana’s coaching is beyond the regular trainer’s methods because she considers body and mind as a whole which cannot be separated. She trained me as a human being to live and move in the real world, and not as a ‘group of muscles just working out mechanically in the gym”. Among many others, she taught me the importance of appropriate nutrition and sleep, transmitting to me lots of advice for my diet, which increased the effectiveness of the exercises and helped me maintain my ideal weight. She confirmed to me that using the abdominal area as stabilizer with balanced exercises will produce better toning that just doing never ending sit ups and crunches. I have learned to listen to my body and focus on my posture and the perfection of technique rather than the number of repetitions. My quality of life has improved and I feel much better with myself and with my environment. Even though I no longer live in Kuching anymore I still follow Tatiana’s advice in the different aspects of my life. I highly recommend her as a personal trainer and coach. I wish her lots of success in her career.
Patricia Munk de Alba
Client 2003 – 2005, Montreal, Canada
Tatiana is one of those rare human beings who is a constant breath of fresh air. Everyone needs a kick in the backside once in a while – a wake up call. Tatiana does it with so much love and with such conviction! At the end of each day when all I want to do is go home and zone out on the couch, she is my inspiration to get me to Fit 4 Life! I gain a million morsels of food for thought from her example, her sincerity, her commitment for excellence and her wealth of knowledge about fitness and a healthy lifestyle. With a friend and coach like that, what would I not gain from knowing her? My life is all the richer since I have chosen to grow through my health journey together with her. She helped me take a good deep look at myself, and has taught me to love me for who I am, and to start appreciating and improving the “I” in me. Having her in my life is a blessing for a lifetime!
Cynthia Chin
Client since Feb 2001, Kuching, Malaysia
Simply, the greatest of all gifts, is that Tatiana has made me look forward to coming to Fit 4 Life – because when I leave, I feel rejuvenated! Exercise has become a pleasure rather than a chore because I feel I am benefiting in each and every way, physically and mentally from Tatiana’s presence and warm smile that radiates with only positive “chi”!
Francis Tan
Client since Aug 2002, Kuching, Malaysia
I started exercising at 16 while I was studying in Perth. Since then I never stopped exercising. My fitness routine used to be a 1 ½ hours of treadmill at least, with no weight training and stretching. I never weight trained or stretched as I thought these activities were a waste of time, bearing no benefit, just because I don't sweat, therefore I must be burning no fat! I thought I was in my tip-top form, looked great, and felt fantastic. I thought I was doing everything correctly until I join Fit 4 Life 8 years ago. Everything was 'perfect', until I met Tatiana in 2001. Her consistency & patience with me in explaining things and her friendly, gentle, yet firm attitude made me finally open my eyes to see my 'hidden' problems. Problems that have been with me long while ago, but no one else seem to see it. I am lucky to have met Tatiana, a qualified C.H.E.K Practitioner. I have since learnt to appreciate the importance of stretching, the correct way of doing stretching that is. Together with my tailored-made strength training program by Tatiana, my posture, fitness level and flexibility have improved dramatically, and I have never felt so confident. I don't have to do vigorous or endless cardio to stay fit, because I need not have to anymore! The program she designed for me covers every single part of my body! Of course, I must be discipline and consistent too with the program, because otherwise itself will not be able to perform a miracle! I sincerely thank Tatiana, and I thank God that I met her. She is truly my life saver and my inspiration!
Corina Yong
Client since 2001, Kuching, Malaysia
I consider it a blessing to have met such a wonderful and loving woman in Tatiana. Her lessons and coaching are truly life-changing and much beyond the customary fitness-regime. After 15 months of PT, I cannot seem to connect with the person that I once was or the lifestyle that I had previously led. I have not only lost 20 kilo's of weight, but also gained years of wisdom and discipline, for which I will always be grateful to Tatiana. Though I would add that the PT is no "magic-pill"; sensing the result requires an uphill struggle and rigorous hard-work. But at the end of the day, the experience and its outcome is in fact priceless!
Sahil Dev
Client since 2007, Kuching, Malaysia
F4L has changed my life physically and mentally. I'm a member since 2002. Great & awesome instructor/mentor. Creme de la creme of instructors.
Teresa P. C. Lim
Client since 2002
AMAZING EXPERIENCE with my fitness guru Tatiana especially over the last years during the covid period. Significant changes for my whole body, the best it has ever been. Tatiana has equipped me with the knowledge and confidence to do workouts whenever and where ever. She has truly inspired me holistically through her coaching in fitness!
Magdelene Bong
Client since 2015
Simply, the greatest of all gifts, is that Tatiana has made me look forward to coming to Fit 4 Life – because when I leave, I feel rejuvenated! Exercise has become a pleasure rather than a chore because I feel I am benefiting in each and every way, physically and mentally from Tatiana’s presence and warm smile that radiates with only positive “chi”! How fast time flies. Yes, i confess that i never thought that I would be 21 years journeying with you at Fit4Life and still going strong. It's just that simple inspiration in you that create a bridge in my life wanting to reach you for a "better me" each and every time. Thank you from the bottom of my little heart.
Francis Tan
2002 - 2022